dental implants

Permanently restore missing teeth

A relatively recent dental development, implants provide a long-term solution to missing teeth by permanently implanting an artificial tooth that functions and looks like your natural teeth.

When we perform a dental implant procedure, we first insert a titanium post into the jawbone. After a healing period, this post will perform similar to a natural tooth root. We then place a crown over the implant, to replace the appearance and function of your missing tooth. The crown we choose will be customized to match the shade and color of your teeth, and will feel no different from your existing teeth.

Dental implant success does depend on whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure — you must have both a healthy immune system and proper bone density in order to support the implant. When you contact our office for a consultation, we’ll walk you through the requirements and make sure a dental implant is the right fit for you.

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