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Treat cavities with high-quality fillings

When tooth decay and cavities happen, we can prevent damage from further developing by removing the decay and filling the cavity left behind. There are three types of fillings:

  • Composite, or tooth-colored fillings
  • Silver-colored fillings
  • Gold inlay fillings

For small- to mid-size fillings, tooth-colored composite fillings are a great-looking and durable option that can also hold up to pressure from daily chewing.  Composite fillings are less noticeable and more natural in appearance, making this a premium option. They also require a bit more time than silver or gold fillings, as the tooth must be kept dry and clean while the cavity is filled.

Silver-colored fillings are actually made from a mix of metals, including silver, copper, and tin. Silver-colored fillings are exceptionally durable, and are often used for larger cavities or for the back molars that do most of our heavy chewing. They’re also a great option for children who have difficulty sitting still, as they they dry quickly and require less time in the chair than tooth-colored fillings.

Gold fillings, similar to silver-colored fillings, are composed of a mix of copper, gold, and other metals. Gold fillings are the most expensive option, but also the most durable, long-lasting option. Gold fillings require us to first take impressions of your teeth to send to a lab where they are created to fit your cavity.

Whatever option you elect, you can be assured that our office will help make you comfortable throughout the entire process.

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