Add an extra layer of protection

The best defense against cavities and periodontal disease is a consistent, quality brushing and flossing routine. But the reality is, that it can also be difficult to reach every single nook and cranny in your mouth — especially the back molars you can’t see well.

Sealants are an extra precaution you can take, and have been shown to reduce the risk of developing molar decay by nearly 80%. A sealant is a thin coating that is applied to your back teeth to protect them from cavity-causing food particles and bacteria. They are usually made of plastic or another safe, dental material.

Sealant application is a quick, painless process — first we will clean your teeth and apply an acid gel that will create a rough tooth surface for the sealant to bond to. The gel is left on your teeth for a few seconds. After rinsing and drying, we then apply the sealant, followed by a blue light to harden it.

Our first molars surface around age 6, making this an opportune time to get a sealant applied — though anyone, child or adult, can take this preventative measure. They can even be applied over developing cavities to prevent further decay. Sealants last for several years before needing to be reapplied, and are covered by some dental insurance plans.

Is the plastic in dental sealants BPA-free?

There is a very tiny amount of BPA in dental sealants, but it is not enough to harm you or your child. In fact according to a study performed by the ADA, we are exposed to more BPA through simply breathing air than through dental sealants.

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