We tend to think of the foods we consume as being potentially harmful to our teeth, but did you know that there are certain foods that can help you naturally keep your teeth clean and white? Ahead, find our list of foods that can whiten your teeth, plus some of the best places to find them in Lee’s Summit.


They may be known for being vibrantly red, but don’t let that fool you — strawberries contain a lot of malic acid, which acts as a natural astringent on your teeth, removing tooth discoloration. The vitamin C strawberries are full of may also be beneficial by helping remove plaque.

Where to Find in Lee’s Summit: While we would normally steer you away from consuming a lot of sugar, if you do find yourself with a craving, you might be better off reaching for a strawberry dessert. From strawberry sorbet to strawberry cheesecake ice cream, Poppy’s Ice Cream is the perfect local spot to grab a strawberry treat.

Poppy’s Ice Cream and Coffeehouse
307 SE Douglas
Lees Summit, Missouri 64063


Cashews, along with other nuts including almonds and walnuts, are abrasively-textured. That means that when you’re eating them, their texture is also working to remove surface stains on your teeth.

Where to find in Lee’s Summit: Try the cashew chicken at Mai Thai Bistro.

579 SE Melody Ln
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063


Apples are high in water content, which increases saliva production, which in turn, helps wash away bacteria that builds and leads to discoloration. Eating raw apples can also help strengthen your gums, as their crispy texture can toughen them up.

Where to find in Lee’s Summit: Try the salad with apples and raisins, or the ham, cheese and apple panini at Henry’s Tearoom – or both!

401 SE Douglas St
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063


Just like apples and pears, the high water content in carrots helps wash away the debris and bacteria that causes food discoloration. It also makes them good for the rest of your body!

Where to find in Lee’s Summit: People rave about the chicken pot pie at Third Street Social, which is packed with carrots and other water-filled vegetables like mushrooms.

123 SE Third Street
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063


Pears function similarly to apples in that their high water content increases your saliva production.

Where to find in Lee’s Summit: Pair your pizza with a Harvest Salad at Main Pizza for a teeth-cleaning dose of apples, pears, and carrots.


Broccoli is high in fiber and also course in texture, which helps it act as a scrubber for your teeth – just like cashews.

Where to find in Lee’s Summit: There are lots of delicious broccoli options to be found at China King, from beef and broccoli to steamed broccoli and rice.


It may not be great for your cholesterol, but cheese addicts, rejoice: cheese is chock full of calcium which helps strengthen your gums and your teeth. Studies have also shown that a milk protein called casein, found in cheese, reduces the rate your tooth enamel loses minerals.

Where to find in Lee’s Summit: At Whistlestop Cafe & Mercantile, you’ll find cheese everywhere on the menu, from breakfast sandwiches to an old-fashioned grilled cheese. Yum!

While your best line of defense is always going to be regular cleaning, flossing, and maintenance, it’s fun to know that there are some delicious foods out there that are beneficial for both your teeth health and whiteness!